Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Go for it & Never Look Back

Life is amazing, specially when you just go for it and make your dreams come true. After the Olympic trials, came the notorious questions of "What's next?". As I reflected on the amazing journey to the Olympic Trials and the event itself, at times I became overwhelmed with the looming questions. What do you mean it's over? All the hard work, determination, and sacrifices to reach my goal of competing and doing the best I could at the trials is now in the past. At times I wished just like in the Wizard of OZ, that there was a yellow brick road that would lead the way. Slowly, a plan A, B, C, D started to unfold, laying down the foundation for my own yellow brick road leading me onto my next journey. My dream became competing in the 2008 RSX Windsurfing World Championship in New Zealand, January 10-20th 2008.

I am a firm believer that luck and dreams come true due to hard work and dedication. You not only have to dare to dream but you have to dare to make those dreams come true by taking action. Sometimes you are just lucky. Right now, I am writing from New Zealand with both luck and hard work in my corner. In order to afford to go New Zealand I figured I needed two things; a job while in NZ and very affordable living accommodations to pay my way. I applied for a holiday working visa in New Zealand and started sending email after email. As I waited for responses hoping and praying it would all fall into place one step at time. After I received my working visa I took a leap of faith and booked the plane ticket before securing either accommodations or a job. I knew whatever happened I would just have to make it work. Then my luck started to kick in one email at time.

I got hired at the Takapuna Boat Club that is hosting the RSX World Championship as bar staff and as an assistant to the Event Director. Piece by piece it came together. Then I received an email from a local family who welcomed me into their home for the next two months. I have been here a little less than a week and it still has not totally hit me that this is going to be my life for the next two months. This is a dream and I am living it. Amazing. It is just breathtaking here and the people are incredibly nice. Just check out my walk to the Boating Club along the beach.
A year ago, I was working on my MBA (Masters in Business) part-time, while working in retail at Nordstroms. I remember standing at work in high heels and a business suit thinking, How the heck did I get here? My life has taken a 360 degree turn around in many aspects and I can still not answer the question. The only thing I know is that it has been a wild ride, and I wouldn't change anything, including all the ups and downs. The one thing I will not be able to ever say is, "I wish I would have...". I am incredibly blessed to have such an opportunity.

To keep you all posted on my journey I will start updating the blog regularly with all the adventures and misadventures. Thank you for all the support all the way. Looking forward to what is to come next.

Denise Parris, USA 235