Sunday, October 7, 2007

Racing day 2

The Weather Man/Woman was wrong once again. We had a light wind sailing day with lots of pumping action. Karen, the other tall girl and I are slowly but surely becoming pumping machines. Upwind we both have good angle and solid boat speed but when the smaller girls round the upwind mark and start planing downwind we are toast. My goal today was to personally improve and I did! I made each and every lay line and I actually chose a course that was not too too long. I hope that each race day I improve as much as I did today. What a difference from yesterday.

Official Race Results

After having two masts crack this morning and acknowledging that yesterday I gave one of my spare masts to a fellow competitor, I was thankful I had just one more mast. There are advantages to coming prepared for everything. But, we are down to no spares. Looks like once again overnight delivery will come to the rescue just in case. I am glad I had enough spares to keep us all on the water. It is really exciting to be out on the water with so many great sailors all giving it their all. Just amazing. We are all going after our dreams. I'm proud of everyone.

Denise Parris, USA 235